Attorney's services

I am providing the legal assistance in a wide sphere of the Czech law:

Civil law

Civil Law assistance to clients in Czech Republic during purchasing of real estate per their characteristics, prepare the contract of purchase, or precontract, represent the client during negotiations with the seller or the real estate agency etc.

Criminal law

My defense in criminal cases in Czech Republic applies to almost all spheres of the criminal law, primarily to crimes against property, economic crime, crime against life and health, and generally dangerous crimes.

Commercial law

Legal assistance in Czech Republic in the sphere of commercial companies and cooperatives. Preparation of contracts resulting from the business commitments, administration and recovery of debts, and representation during legal proceedings etc.

Administrative law

Representation in cases per the Asylum Law and per the Law on Stay of Aliens on the Territory of the Czech Republic. Trade Law, tax Law etc.

Czech attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik
Czech republic attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik Czech attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik

Born 1973 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Studied and graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Charles’ University, Prague. Since 2003, an independent attorney registered in the attorney list of the Czech Bar Association.

Czech attorney´s first aid: telephone: (+420) 775 253 867 Advokat - czech version

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