Civil law

I provide assistance to clients during purchasing of real estate per their characteristics, prepare the contract of purchase, or precontract, represent the client during negotiations with the seller or the real estate agency, during the proceedings on deposit of ownership into the cadastre, including preparation of the motion for commencement of action. It is a matter-of course that the real estate origin is examined, the contract of purchase draft is elaborated or studied, if submitted by the counterparty or real estate agency, the expert’s statement is provided for, the purchase price is kept in attorney’s custody, the declaration of the estate tax is prepared. During our cooperation, I am ready to provide to my clients all explanation to any questions referred to purchase of real estate in the territory of the Czech Republic.

I ready to give advices to my clients also in the sphere of lease and sublease of real estate, non-residential premises and apartments.

Legal assistance to clients during debt recovery, both per curiam and out of court, preparation of motion for distraint of debtor, appearance by attorney during the executory proceedings, respectively legal proceedings in the matter of execution of judgment.

In the sphere of matrimonial law, I represent clients at the court during divorce proceedings, and consequently in the matter of extinguished joint property during the per curiam and out of court settlements.

Czech attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik
Czech republic attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik Czech attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik

Born 1973 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Studied and graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Charles’ University, Prague. Since 2003, an independent attorney registered in the attorney list of the Czech Bar Association.

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