Commercial law

Legal assistance in the sphere of commercial companies and cooperatives includes primarily the preparation of basic data for the foundation of the company and its incorporation into the Commercial Register, representation of the client during the proceedings of incorporation of the company into the Commercial Register, changes in the company - preparation of the annual general meeting of the company, contracts of transfer of business share, increasing or reducing of company capital stock, amalgamation, splitting, and changes to the legal status of the company, its liquidation.

Preparation of contracts resulting from the business commitments, administration and recovery of debts, and representation during legal proceedings.

In cases related to the insolvency proceeding and settlement, as per Law No. 328/1991 Coll., the matter is primarily representation of creditors in the insolvency proceeding, i.e. preparation of registration of a receivable against the bankrupt and representation in the course of the proceedings, as well as legal assistance to the bankrupt during defending their rights against the referee in bankruptcy.

Law of exchange - preparation of bills of exchange, representation of the exchange relation participants during the legal proceedings.

Czech attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik
Czech republic attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik Czech attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik

Born 1973 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Studied and graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Charles’ University, Prague. Since 2003, an independent attorney registered in the attorney list of the Czech Bar Association.

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