Mgr. Zbynek Havlik - czech attorney

I am an attorney providing legal assistance to clients in a wide sphere of the Czech Republic law - to firms in matters resulting from their business activities as well as to citizens during everyday and less ordinary life situations.

The legal assistance is provided to each client with respect to their individual requirements in such a way that the most favourable result is achieved while keeping indispensable confidentiality and lawful practice.

In case of clientâ??s requirement and reaching of agreement with the attorney, the legal assistance is available 24 hours a day, any day of the week. I am ready to provide complex services to my clients, including tax and accounting services, I regularly cooperate with officially appointed experts, auditors, notaries, interpreters, translators, and real estate agencies.

I am ready to provide legal assistance to foreign clients also during their one-time visits to the Czech Republic.

Czech attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik
Czech republic attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik Czech attorney Mgr. Zbynek Havlik

Born 1973 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Studied and graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Charles’ University, Prague. Since 2003, an independent attorney registered in the attorney list of the Czech Bar Association.

Czech attorney´s first aid: telephone: (+420) 775 253 867 Advokat - czech version

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